Solid Walls between kennels

Having the walls solid between kennels eliminates fence fighting and provides the dogs with a safe and secure environment. This relaxes the dog and provides the pet with a safe and secure feeling. The solid walls throughout the kennel also makes the kennel quiet which reduces stress and the pet.

Doggie Doors

Each 6’ x 6’ kennel has it’s own doggie door that enables the pet pet access to it’s own 6’ x 8’ outside kennel. The kennel floors have in floor heating to provide all the comforts of home.

Outside Exercise Yard

The outside kennels are attached to the large exercise yard. The chain link fence is 8’ tall to discourage even the best of fence jumpers. Group exercise is only conducted when a staff is in the yard to prevent injuries. Individual use of the yard is rotated throughout the day so the dog has lots of exercise outside.


Dog Boarding

Pet safety and well being are important to us

Paws and Claws Kennels Dog and Cat boarding in the Melville, Yorkton area.